On a Day Like Today

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The weather forecast today is not the most encouraging! Yet what a day it has turned out to be, with glorious sunshine and just the slightest hint of a breeze. Here on Tiree you are much more aware of the weather than the seasons. We have been reliably informed that apparently that all four seasons can be experienced within 24 hours. Trees are often a good indicator of what season of year it is, but on Tiree there are no trees to talk about.

Yes! Today is a glorious day! The days are drawing in, but the sun is shining brightly. Blue in so many different hues is the predominant colour, especially in the sea. As I look out across Tiree’s sandy beaches I find myself asking, ‘How many shades of azure or aqualine blue can there be?’

Here we have two albums, one shot last Saturday at Hynish at the Western end of the island and the other shot exactly a week later at Scarinish, the latter featuring the Harbour and Pier.

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