‘Tiree at its Best’ – An Explanation


A recent post headed “‘Tiree at its Best’ was forwarded as usual to ‘Facebook’. Unfortunately, the software chose to link the title and abbreviated post to one of several pictures in the article – a picture of Barra. Some jumped to the conclusion that it was a mistaken identification. Clicking on the link within ‘Facebook’ would have revealed the explanation

It was a lesson to me  How easy it is to jump to the wrong conclusion! Sometimes, I don’t listen to the person speaking to me, because I am too busy thinking about what I am going to say next. I think I know what someone is saying, but I have not shown the person proper respect by really listening to them.

In a country that is recovering from a referendum, it is important that we respect one another, One way of honouring others is not to make assumptions, but to take time to listen.