The Last Post

Just over nine years ago the first post on ‘Life on Tiree’ was published and we would like to express our appreciation for all those who have followed our blog over the years.  We had lived in England for about forty years and friends wanted to know more about our return to Scotland and the life we were about to  enter into on the Isle of Tiree.  Although still enjoying our life on Tiree the time has come for the last post to be published.

Sunset over the Passage of Tiree 05 09 2022

During the early days of the Pandemic and the first lockdown that accompanied it we rarely left our home township of Scarinish, apart from a walk to the Medical Practice to collect prescriptions, or to walk along Gott Bay. Now with the cost of living crisis we do not cross the length and breadth of the island in the way that we did previously. This has only added to the sense say that it is time for the last post.

Looking across Scarinish Harbour from the Lighthouse 05 09 2022

Our home is only a five minute walk from the pier and having an interest in the ferries that serve the Clyde and Hebridean Isles many posts have featured life at the pier. In our early days on the island regular visits to the pier led to getting to know many of our fellow islanders and indeed some of the many who visit the island.

Scarinish Harbour turned blood red 05 09 2022

Tiree has a reputation for being one of the sunniest places in the UK but this year grey skies have hung over the Hebrides like a cloak. Blue skies have most certainly been a rarity.  Tiree featured on the BBC News website for being the wettest place in the UK over the past weekend. In two days we had more than the total rainfall for the average month of September. 

The Western Sky – Scarinish 05 09 2022

What a contrast the daylight hours of Monday!  For most of the day the sky over Tiree was blue and cloudless. After the sun dropped below the horizon both the sky and sea were breathtakingly beautiful. What a fitting end for the last post.

Look East – The Memorial off Pier Road 05 09 2022

So, once again, thank you to all who have followed ‘Life on Tiree’. The site will remain live for a few months, but unless something happens this will be the last post.

Ben Gott 05 09 2022

This is ‘Life on Tiree’

The MV Clansman entering Oban Bay before sailing to Tiree 30 08 2022