Tiree – the most beautiful of all!

The ferry leaves from Oban every day
And passes Tobermory on the way,
Then just beyond the lovely isle of Coll,
Is Tiree, the most beautiful of all.
(Moira Kerr)

It all began with a day trip to Tiree in August 2011, followed by a week’s holiday in August 2012 and then the need to find a house as a consequence of one of life’s many milestones.

After forty years living in England, including six years in Cambridgeshire, twenty-four years in Oxfordshire and ten years in Somerset, we return to the land of our birth, Scotland. From Wiveliscombe in Somerset, we have moved to the Isle of Tiree, the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides. (The Hebrides have recently featured in a wild life documentary, titled “Hebrides, Life on the Edge”.)

Some people sell their home and purchase a camper-van and set out on a world tour – the Isle of Tiree is our adventure. Thankfully there is a postal service and weather permitting the mail is delivered. There are telephones and broadband, albeit considerably slower than we have grown used to. There is a regular ferry service and even a daily flight to Glasgow.

Neither of us grew up on the Isle of Tiree; our roots are in Tayside and the Central Belt of Scotland. We always said that we would suffer from culture shock if we returned to Scotland – so, why life on Tiree?   The explanation is given here in posting Why Tiree?

Alan and Ursula

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