Goodnight from the beautiful Isle of Tiree. It is the end of another warm July day. All is calm. It is Thursday evening and there is hardly a breath of wind. Washing still out on the lines must surely be dry.. The wind sock on the pier hangs limp. Although it is warm and still […]

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New Look

Gott Bay is the point of arrival and departure of most people. This is true for residents and visitors alike. It is the location of the island’s pier. And the bay has a new look. Gott Bay has the Isle of Tiree’s largest beach, An Tràigh Mhòr. It is often frequented by kite and sail […]

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Township of the Mill

At sunset Balevullin is a magnet for photographers. It is not often we have the opportunity to be there at sundown. We made this our destination of choice for our visitors fresh off the ferry. In the right conditions Balevullin affords views of the Outer Hebrides. With clear skies there was a clear view to […]

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When Words Fail

Do you ever find occasions when words just fail you? This evening words seemed inadequate to describe the sunset. Awe, amazement, breathtaking, wonder, pleasure, delight, wow. It had been a warm, sunny day. It felt like summer had returned for at least one day. As evening wore on clouds began to drift in masking the […]

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Simply Sunset

The saying is ‘A Shepherd’s Delight’. A delight it was, but it did not herald sunny weather. Rather the following day turned out sultry and thundery. Our home is close to the pier so it is natural to watch the sunset from there. For a slight variation I first crossed the fields and onto the […]

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One Of These Evenings

It was one of these evenings when you wanted to linger outdoors and stay and watch the ever changing sky. You were hesitant to go indoors as the sky morphed from blue to almost black by going through all the colours of the setting sun. On Friday and Saturday we had letter-box sunsets. On both […]

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A Fresh Perspective

Dark skies prevailed on Saturday morning. Our guests were unperturbed and undeterred. They chose to visit Milton before going on to Salum. They returned enthusing over the dramatic scene before them. The scene they captured was like a black and white photograph. How different the afternoon. We arrived at the Farmhouse Cafe in warm sunshine. […]

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