Swell Conditions

What a swell day for our morning constitutional. The heavy showers had given way to deep blue skies. On the days that the ferry sails our walk takes in the pier. After watching the ferry depart we head up to Scarinish Harbour. To a casual glance the waters of Gott Bay were deceptively calm. However, as […]

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Countdown to Spring

This morning’s ferry brought with it the sunshine. First thing in the morning it had been damp. With the ‘Heb Isles’ came the sun. And this evening it is still clear. There is star after star What a sight! (Double-click for larger photographs in galleries) The air was so clear and so were the views. We […]

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Just 24 Hours Later

It’s hard to believe the complete transformation! We woke up to the sound of silence. No howling gale, just stillness. Monday 3:00pm and we are in the midst of a storm. Winds on the island were gusting to 70mph. The sea around the island was in turmoil. The car was being rocked by the wind. And the […]

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A Ray Of Sunshine

This morning the sun burst through the clouds momentarily. For the most part it has been a grey, windy day. What a contrast with the previous day. A day to look back on thankfully. Just after 9 the sun began to put its head above the headland. At first light there was a hint of […]

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It is difficult not to talk about the weather. It’s November and yet the weather is so still. Out of 6 days thus far five of them have been calm. Only on 1 out of the 6 days have we had any significant wind. Add to that, the fact it has been bright and sunny […]

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It’s November!

Black Friday when the sky frequently turned blank has given way to sunny Saturday and Sunday and what a delight both days have been. No wonder the sheep are sun bathing! Over the weekend the air has been remarkably still. There has hardly been a breath of wind. The temperature has been low. (5 °C dropping […]

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Seal Mates

What a bright, even warm, autumn day. Sky and sea are magnificent shades of blue. A day to take a walk along Balinoe (Soroby) Beach. As we walk down onto the beach to our right is the crofting township of Balemartine, and further along the coastline is the township of Mannal while straight ahead, on […]

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